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drum tracking studio


Ever since my first 4 track cassette recorder I have enjoyed the art and science of recording.  I studied audio engineering in college and went on to become an engineer at Nickel and Dime Studios in Atlanta, GA as I worked to get my musical career off the ground.


Later, as a member of Better Than Ezra we opened Fudge Recording Studio in New Orleans, LA where I continued to hone my engineering skills as digital recording came to be the industry standard. Along with my own hands-on engineering knowledge, as a musician I have recorded on hundreds of master cuts and learned from the many 'A level' and Grammy winning engineers and producers I have had the good fortune to work with.


Now, at my own Wood Hill Recording I am combining my dual passions of drumming and recording on all levels of projects including major releases, music for film and TV, demos and independent albums. I have a pro tools rig along with a combination of new and vintage microphones and pre amps of all variety, from the cheap to the high end; and a ridiculous amount of drums and cymbals. I would love to bring 'my sound' to your record.  

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